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An online social network and community, NerdMine provides a platform for professionals to interact, seek business opportunities, share expertise, and access relevant data. This privacy statement applies to all users, including registered members (“Members”) and guests (“Visitors”), and governs the collection, use, and processing of personal data in connection with our Services. 

Our Services encompass, NerdMine-branded applications, NerdMine Learning, and other affiliated sites, apps, communications, and services. This privacy statement also extends to off-site services like our advertising services, “Apply with NerdMine ,” and “Share with NerdMine” plugins, unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

The handling of personal data submitted, collected, or processed in connection with our Services depends on whether you reside in the “Designated Countries” (EU, EEA, and Switzerland) or elsewhere. NerdMine Corporation is the data controller for personal data submitted, collected, or processed in connection with our Services for individuals outside of the Designated Countries. 

By using our Services as a member or Visitor, you agree to be bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy and any other referenced materials. Please note that this Privacy Policy may be updated at any time, with any revisions taking effect immediately upon posting. 

In the event of significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we will inform you through our Services or another channel to provide an opportunity for you to review the new terms before they become effective. If you do not agree with the changes, you can choose to cancel your account. 

By continuing to use our Services after we have published or notified you of changes to this privacy statement, you consent to the revised terms governing the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information. 

1. Information We Collect 

1.1 Information You Provide 

When you create an account with us, you supply us with certain information. 


To establish an account, you must provide information such as your name, email address, cellphone number, and password. If you decide to subscribe to a premium service, you will need to provide payment details (e.g., credit card) and billing information. 

You have the option to create a comprehensive NerdMine profile, which allows you to fully utilize our Services. 


You have control over the information displayed on your profile, including details about your education, professional background, skills, photograph, geographic location, and endorsements. While it is not mandatory, having a complete profile enhances your use of our services by making it easier for employers and business opportunities to find and contact you. The inclusion of personal information on your profile is entirely at your discretion. We recommend against including any sensitive personal information that you do not want the public to see. 

You may also provide us with additional information by syncing with a device, for example. 

Uploading and Posting 

We collect personal data when you voluntarily provide it to us (e.g., filling out a form with demographic information or income, responding to a survey, submitting a CV, or completing a job application). When you choose to import your address book, we gain access to all your contacts, including those automatically added by your app or service provider whenever you interacted with addresses or phone numbers not previously in your list. 

When you synchronize your contacts or calendars with our services, we may suggest connections for you and others, and provide information about upcoming events, including timings, locations, participants, and contacts. 

2. Data Usage by NerdMine 

We utilize your data to provide, support, personalize, and enhance our services. 

The way you use our Services, interact with them, and the choices you make influence how we use your personal data. We leverage the information we have about you to deliver and customize our Services, employing automated tools and drawing inferences to ensure their relevance and usefulness to you and other users. 

2.1 Service Providers 

Our services enable you to network, search for employment and business opportunities, stay informed, receive training, and enhance your productivity. We respect your specified preferences and utilize your data to facilitate access to our Services. 

Maintaining Connections 

Through our Services, you can stay in touch and stay updated with colleagues, partners, clients, and other business connections. You have the opportunity to “connect” with professionals of your choice who are also interested in getting to know you. Connecting with other Members allows you to explore each other’s networks and exchange professional opportunities, based on your respective settings. 

We use information about you, such as your profile, profiles you have viewed, or information obtained through address book synchronization or partner integrations, to make it easier for people to find your profile, suggest connections between you and others (such as Members with whom you may share contacts or professional experiences), and enable you to invite individuals to become Members and connect with them. You may also choose to grant us permission to use your precise location or proximity for specific tasks, such as suggesting nearby Members for you to connect with, determining the distance you would need to commute for a new job, or notifying your contacts that you are attending a professional event. 

The decision to extend an invitation to use our Services, initiate a connection request, or accept a connection offered by another Member is entirely up to you. Your invitation to connect with someone will include information from your network and a summary of your profile, such as your name, profile picture, job title, and location. You have control over whether to share your list of connections with your contacts, and we send reminder messages to those you invite. 

Visitors can choose how their information is used. 

Keeping Informed 

Through our services, you have the opportunity to stay updated on news, events, and opinions from respected experts that are relevant to your professional interests. You can also develop your professional skills or acquire new ones. We utilize the information we have about you, including the information you voluntarily provide, your use of our services, and the insights we derive from that information, to personalize the information and interactions you have with us. As part of this personalization, relevant content is recommended or ranked, skills are suggested for your profile, and abilities that may be beneficial for your future endeavours are identified. 

For example, if you express an interest in learning a new skill, we will use this data to tailor the content in your feed, identify relevant users for you to follow, and offer appropriate learning resources to assist in your skill development. Additionally, we utilize your content, activity, and other information, such as your name and profile picture, to inform your network and others. These notifications may inform people about changes to your profile, the content you have uploaded, social activities, feature usage, new connections, or media mentions, depending on your privacy settings. 

Career Opportunities 

Our services provide you with the ability to explore educational opportunities, evaluate career options, and search for or be discovered by potential employers or individuals seeking your skills for specific jobs. Your profile can be found by individuals who are interested in hiring you or being hired by you. In order to present you and others with relevant professional contacts, such as individuals working in a particular company, industry, role, or location, or with specific skills and connections, we utilize your data to suggest job positions or mentorship opportunities.  

3. Information Sharing 

3.1 Services We Provide 

Depending on your privacy preferences, any information you include in your profile, upload as content, or engage in social actions (such as likes, follows, comments, and shares) on our Services may be visible to others. 


All users and visitors of our Services can view the details of your profile. The visibility of your profile may extend beyond our Services, depending on your privacy settings, to users of third-party search engines or visitors to our Services. The accessibility of your profile is influenced by factors such as your choices, the level of connection with the viewing user, their subscriptions, their usage of our Services, access channels, and search methods (such as by name or keyword). You can find more information in our Help Centre. 

Messages, Posts, Likes, Follows, and Comments 

Our services enable users to access and share content through posts, likes, follows, comments, and other means. 

If you publicly publish a post or article (such as an update, photo, video, or article), it can be seen by anyone and shared anywhere according to your privacy settings. Your publicly shared content, including your name (and photo if uploaded), will be visible to users, visitors, and others. 

Posts shared within a group can be seen by other members of the group. While your profile and participation in groups are visible to all, you have control over visibility settings. 

If you share information on a company or organization’s page on our Services, it will be visible to them and anyone else visiting the page. 

When you follow a person or business, both the public and the page owner can see that you are a follower. 

Depending on your preferences, we notify senders when you respond to their messages. 

When you like, reshare, or comment on another person’s content (including advertisements), your social actions may be visible to others and associated with your name, profile, and photo (if provided). 

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