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Microsoft SharePoint Service

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform that offers document management, content management and team collaboration functions. It enables teams to save and share documents from any device, manage project progress and collaborate on material. SharePoint is a cloud-based and on-premises service that can be linked with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also includes tools like version control, rights, search and workflows to assist enterprises in managing material and ensuring compliance. SharePoint can be tailored to match the specific requirements of different businesses and it provides a centralised area for accessing information and collaborating. SharePoint is extensively utilised by enterprises and organisations of all kinds because to its many capabilities and flexibility.

SharePoint Solutions

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform is a cloud-based service suite that allows businesses to develop unique business solutions to reduce procedures and increase productivity. Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate are the three key components. Power Apps lets customers to construct bespoke applications without substantial programming experience, whereas Power BI delivers interactive data reports and dashboards. Users may utilise Power Automate to automate workflows, saving the time and effort necessary to complete typical activities. Power Platform gives organisations a versatile and adaptable toolkit for developing solutions that increase efficiency, simplify operations and drive development. It helps enterprises to use their existing data and technology investments, making it a valuable tool for innovation and digital transformation. providing a powerful tool for innovation and digital transformation. With its low-code development capabilities and integration with other Microsoft tools, Power Platform is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

MS-Dynamics is a Microsoft suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV are among the products included in the suite. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based platform that includes a variety of corporate applications such as sales, marketing, finance, operations and customer care. It enables organisations to manage their core operations as well as consumer interactions in a single integrated platform, giving them a 360-degree perspective of their operations. Dynamics GP and NAV are on-premises solutions for small and medium-sized organisations. These systems, among other things, offer financial management, supply chain management, and project accounting capabilities. Overall, Microsoft Dynamics offers organisations a robust collection of tools for managing operations, improving customer interaction, and driving growth.

NerdMine Solution - Microsoft Dynamics-365 Service
Design & Development

Microsoft Dynamics is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses in managing their client information, generating new leads, interacting with customers and resolving customer care issues.


Together with your team, we create customized Dynamics 365 solutions with a new viewpoint and experience from a variety of industries to help you grow of your organisation.


We help clients to configure, customize and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM to their business needs. Our services can help you with solutions to manage your finances meticulously, unify your sales and marketing divisions.

Microsoft SharePoint Migration
NerdMine Solutions - SharePoint, Power Platforms, Dynamics 365

The process of migrating content and data from an earlier version of SharePoint or a different platform to a newer version of SharePoint either on-premises or in the cloud is known as SharePoint migration.  Migration may be a difficult process that involves meticulous preparation, implementation and monitoring to guarantee that all content and data are effectively converted. SharePoint migration benefits include faster performance, increased security and new features and capabilities. To guarantee a seamless transition, it is critical to review current content and data, select the optimal transfer plan and test the migration process during the migration process. Depending on the complexity of the conversion working with a SharePoint migration partner or expert may be required to assure a successful solution.

Cloud Platforms To SharePoint

Cloud platforms to SharePoint Online data migration refers to the process of moving data from a cloud-based platform to SharePoint Online, a cloud-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft.

Sharepoint On-Premises To SharePoint

SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online migration refers to the process of moving content and data from an on-premises installation of SharePoint to SharePoint Online, a cloud-based version of the platform.

File Server To SharePoint

File Server to SharePoint migration refers to the process of moving files and data from a file server to SharePoint, a collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft.

Nintex Development

Nintex is a workflow automation and content management firm that provides a variety of products and services to assist organisations with automating and streamlining their operations. Nintex Workflow, a tool for designing and managing automated processes, Nintex Forms, a tool for developing custom forms and surveys and Nintex Promapp a process management platform for mapping and enhancing business processes, are among its services. By automating processes and simplifying procedures these solutions may help firms save time and enhance efficiency.


Nintex Consultation services are designed to help organizations get the most out of their Nintex investment. Our team of certified consultants can provide guidance and support.

Drawloop DocGen®

Nintex Drawloop DocGen is a document automation tool that allows users to generate and deliver documents in bulk, using data from a variety of sources.

Workflow Cloud

Nintex Workflow Cloud is a cloud-based platform that allows users to design, publish, and manage automated workflows and processes. 

Robotic Process Automation

Nintex Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a tool that helps organizations automate repetitive tasks and processes using software robots. 

Salesforce CRM
NerdMine Solutions - SharePoint, Power Platforms, Dynamics 365

The process of modifying and extending the features of Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform is referred to as Salesforce Development. Salesforce Development might entail developing bespoke apps connecting with other systems, establishing custom user interfaces and much more. Organizations may modify the platform to match their particular business objectives and enhance the way they manage and connect with clients by harnessing the power of Salesforce Development. Salesforce development can be done in-house or by external companies and consultants who are familiar with the Salesforce platform.

Heroku App Development

Salesforce Heroku App Development refers to the process of building custom applications on the Heroku platform that integrate with Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration

The process of linking Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, with other systems and applications is referred to as Salesforce integration.

App Exchange

Salesforce AppExchange is an online marketplace that offers a variety of apps, connectors, and other tools that may be used to enhance Salesforce’s capabilities.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that runs more than 40% of the internet’s websites. WordPress is intended to make it simple for non-technical people to develop and administer websites without requiring any coding experience. It provides a large choice of templates and plugins that allow users to personalise the look and functionality of their website. Users may use WordPress to develop blogs, online storefronts, portfolios, and much more. Because it is very configurable, versatile, and scalable, it is a favourite choice among businesses, bloggers, and developers. WordPress also has a strong developer and user community that contributes to its growth and support, giving a variety of information and user assistance. If you want to start a small blog or a complex e-commerce store, WordPress is a great choice for building a website.

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